Əsas səhifə Ibsen Studies

Ibsen Studies

Nəşriyyat: Taylor and Francis Group
ISSN: 1502-1866 / 1741-8720


Ibsen Studies is the only international journal devoted to Henrik Ibsen, and is therefore a central publication both for Ibsen researchers the world over and for those with a more general interest in the author and his lifes work. Ibsen Studies is a forum for debate and critique for all those who work within the extensive field of research into the work of Henrik Ibsen. The journal is cross-disciplinary in nature, with contributions from literary researchers, historians and those involved in theatre. The journal also includes reviews of current Ibsen-related literature, and a separate section for Ibsen-related events. The current journal has evolved from previous publications started in the 1950s, Ibsens Annual and Contemporary Approaches to Ibsen. Today, the journal is published biannually in co-operation with the Centre for Ibsen Studies, University of Oslo, Norway.

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